wedding dressIt can be said that the Empress Josephine was the leader of fashion in her days.

To express the beauty and the mind of a woman, she wore dresses that were made with intelligence and beauty.

When organizing a wedding, the reception shows the couples’ most wanted ideas. Especially brides play an important role to decorate the wedding.

If the bride likes the Empire style, like luxury and historical dresses, than the Josephine wedding dress style fits her.

Different from the original wedding dress’ pure white tone, the empress style can tend to have off-white and beige tones. The dress can be also decorated with various kinds of ribbons and handlings.

Considering the general atmosphere of the wedding, a blue, pink or yellow ribbon can be suited under the breasts. The ribbons not only give the dress a colorful look, but also give the bride a long silhouette.

With the deluxe style of the dress, a simple hairstyle [wedding hairstyle] might be more suitable. A down knob, a simple long-straight hair or even a long curly hair with pearls and small gems attached can look perfect.

However, a veil and the deluxe dress might not get on well with each other. A simple white flower as a bouquet can be enough, because the dress is already saying : “ I am an aristocratic bride”.



  1. I’m inspired by Josephine wedding dress style and want to get it for my big day.The wedding gown of Josephine is lovely and beautiful.


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