Traditionally the color of the wedding dress is supposed to be white, which symbolizes purity.

Nonetheless the ivory wedding dresses 2012 are gaining more and more popularity and this is an option that you could consider if you want to be trendy on your wedding day.

The shape of the 2012 ivory wedding dresses

The shape of the 2012 ivory wedding dresses

All women have an idea of the kind of wedding dress that they would like to have starting with their childhood. Usually it is a ball gown. To make their dreams come true, a lot of designers offer dresses of this shape. Naturally the A-line is also very popular because it makes women look slimmer.

Another popular shape of the ivory wedding dresses in 2012 is the mermaid shape. These dresses look really elegant and sophisticated. The sheath wedding dresses have gained a lot of ground too because not all women wish to look as a Barbie doll on their big day.



When looking for the ivory wedding dresses 2012, it is good to know that all fabrics come in this shade. The most common ones used include organza, brocade, taffeta, chiffon, cashmere and velvet. Usually the dresses also have some lace to make them more interesting, not to mention the numerous different kinds of embellishments.



One of the most well-known designers of 2012 wedding dresses that are ivory is Monique Lhuillier. She is said to be a phenomenon in the industry. Naturally you may have also heard about Sarah Burton. She was the one who created the wedding dress of Kate Middleton that we all remember.

What ivory wedding dresses 2012 should you choose?

What ivory wedding dresses 2012 should you choose

In case you feel like you have wide hips, then the A-line dress is just perfect for you, because it conceals the hips. Some women don’t like showing their arms in public. They should be looking for the long sleeved dresses. Usually the sleeves are made of lace that is both sexy and elegant.

The bust is another body part to consider regarding the ivory wedding gowns of 2012. If you have a large bust, the V neck is your friend. On the other hand, if you are a woman with a small bust, the empire line dress is the best possibility in your case. In order to hide your tummy, consider having a doll cut dress.

The good news about the ivory wedding dresses 2012 is that there are a lot of different styles to choose from, no matter what kind of body shape you have.

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