Have you decided on your wedding theme and wedding colors? Are you confused as how to choose a bridesmaid’s dress, without upstaging the bride?

While the whole planning of a wedding may be stressful, one of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding is finding bridesmaid’s dresses that are inexpensive and add a memorable touch to the occasion.

No-one knows better than a bride how stressful the planning of a wedding is and how important it is for you to make own decisions regarding your wedding theme, and all the accompaniments.

Top of that list is choosing bridesmaid’s dress. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

The old tradition that all bridesmaids must wear the same style of dresses as the bride has gone out of the window.

These days, mix and match and something that suits the personality of the bride are de rigueur. While you may select a bridesmaid dress that is same as the wedding dress color, you can change the style of the dress that emphasizes their personal body shape.

  • Choose bridesmaid’s dress that co-ordinate with your basic wedding theme and a style which suits your taste. On the traditional side, classic A-line bridesmaid dresses are still popular and most common color choices are pink, blue or pale gold.
  • A strapless corset top with a long full skirt that fits to the size of your bridesmaid really goes well with any kind of wedding theme. For a more risqué style, try backless, sweetheart neckline and also halter-neck dresses. You can choose any kind of fabric to make the dress. Some of the most popular fabrics include silk, satin, organza, lace and also taffeta.
  • Consider the time of year you are getting married and the climatic conditions.
  • Choose something simple that makes your bridesmaid look feminine and sophisticated and like she has an important role in the wedding.
  • When it comes to accessorizing the bridesmaid’s dress, keep it as simple as possible. Too many accessories can look out of place. Don’t overdo the jewelry: a lovely pair of earrings, a brooch or necklace that complements the dress is enough to appear fashionable and striking.

Pay as much attention to the bridesmaid’s dress as you do to the bride’s dress. After selecting the wedding theme and wedding dress, move on to your bridesmaid’s dress to make it a memorable event for everyone.



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