wedding gownThe wedding is finally over and its time to kick back, relax and be with your new husband.

All the pressure is gone and the long awaited day has passed. But it’s not totally over if you have not taken care of the wedding dress. [How to Preserve Wedding dress]

It’s one of the most delicate things that need your attention if you are going to keep it in its best condition.

A wedding gown does not come cheap for you just to neglect it after the first day.

The first task is to find a well reputable dry cleaner. Select one that your bridal shop recommends or look up someone who specializes in wedding gowns and so forth. Wedding gowns need to be treated in an acid free environment as they are delicate and sensible.

Soon after your wedding, make sure you take the dress to the cleaners. Don’t keep postponing for later as this is very important if you want to get rid of those stains that are on your dress.

Point out the specific stained areas to your cleaner. This will make it easier for him to clean up your dress without missing a spot.  Mind you this is a rather large dress so singling out the stains will help the dry cleaner reduce the chances of missing a spot.

Now you need to ensure that your dry cleaner has cleared all the stains on your dress. Run a thorough check before you store it. You wouldn’t want to spot stain only months after you have stored it and when you want to give it to someone else to use.

The longer a stain is on a garment, the more resistant it becomes. Remember the dress cannot stand harsh detergents so it will be hard to get rid of the stain eventually. If there is a spot your dry cleaners have missed then alert them immediately. Don’t go jumping off to another dry cleaner. Use your first choice.

Well, after the cleaning process, you need to store your wedding gown in the appropriate manner. Make sure you remove all metals that might be on your garment. For example, buttons and any pins because metal stains the fabric over time.

Get an acid free box from your dry cleaners and also acid free tissue. You then place the tissue between the folds of the dress when folding it, to avoid any permanent creases and folds.

The box usually comes with instructions, if you get the appropriate one. Follow these instructions carefully so you will not go wrong in folding the gown. The box needs to be stored away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Finally make sure you let your gown breathe the day you celebrate your wedding anniversary.



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