Wedding gown is most special garment for every bride and want to preserve it for life time.

But, usually, many brides fail to clean them properly after wedding and thus reduce their chances of wearing it again in their lifetime.

If you take proper care for preserving wedding gown, you can even enjoy wearing it for several occasions and also can be enjoyed as a family heirloom for next generations.

Here are few tips that can help you to preserve your most precious wedding gown.

  1. Except your wedding is smoke free wedding, your wedding gown is more probable to expose to cigar or cigarette, which can cause great damage to the fabric of your wedding gown. So, to prevent your wedding gown from damages, avoid smoke in your surroundings.
  2. Apply hairspray, perfume or body spray before getting dressed. However, if you need them after wearing dress, cover your dress with a towel or any clean cloth to prevent spray marks on your wedding gown.
  3. If wedding gown has sleeves, ensure that you provide protection by wearing a guard for underarms. This way you can prevent sweat marks on your wedding gown.
  4. After finishing your big day, ensure that you send your wedding dress to any experienced and professional cleaner.


  1. Good tips, wanted to share how I protected my wedding dress from make up stains while dressing. I used head covering the Beauty Cap. It’s a cap that I put over my head before dressing and saved my dress from make up and hair product.


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