tuxedo jacketWeddings are not only a highlight for the bride, but for the groom too. So he too deserves to be pampered and dressed up for the big day.

If you are going to help choose a suit or tuxedo for the groom and you don’t know the first thing about men’s clothing, do not panic because there are only a few things that have to keep in mind while going about your task.

Consider what kind of ceremony your wedding is going to be and your color theme.

What a groom wears to his wedding should correspond with the wedding’s formality. If the wedding is a black tie event or in the evening, the most appropriate attire to put on would be a tuxedo.

A tuxedo jacket is traditionally woven with satin lapels. It is almost always black or navy blue. Usually it has a single button, and is worn with matching pants, a bowtie, and a cummerbund. To make sure the tuxedo incorporates the color theme of your wedding, make sure that the bowtie is in the color of your wedding theme.

But if you are planning on a not-so-formal wedding ceremony, a regular suit will do just fine as long as the groom stands out from all the other men present at the ceremony that day.

A suit can be of any pattern or color and any nice material can be used to make it. Regular suits come in many different cuts and sizes and can also have any number of buttons from one to three. A suit is actually easier to choose in terms of incorporating the correct color theme.

If you are having a formal event and you haven’t chosen a tuxedo the next step is choosing a proper bowtie to go with it. Clip on bowties usually make things easier for the groom although it considered being not formal enough by some traditionalists.

If you are going with a regular suit for informal wedding ceremony and you don’t want a bowtie, there is a wide range of ties to choose from. If you want a sophisticated look, go with a skinny tie. But if you want a fun look, look at nice patterned ties or one that goes with your wedding color theme.

The groomsmen should have their suits or tuxedos complement that of the groom. Although the groom’s attire should be slightly different from the groomsmen so he can stand out from the rest. I mean, this is his day too!



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