We all love to dress up, don’t we? Having a variety of dress options makes us happy. However, when we wear colorful dresses, they tend to uplift our mood as well. So, it is recommended to shun the typical white ones and opt for colorful range of dresses.

Dresses are of two types – mainly frocks and gowns, which are mostly one-piece. They are of both formal and informal types. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes like Midis, Maxis, Gowns, Knee length dresses, Mini dresses, Micro dresses, Off-shoulder dresses, Asymmetric dresses etc.

5 Colorful Dress Choices That Beat The Typical White Ones

Want to exclude the use of white dress from your wardrobe? Here are 5 colorful dresses to add some color to your life.

  • Sheath dresses are one of the simplest kinds of dresses. They can be worn for formal occasions and also to grace the informal ones. A vermilion colored sheath dress paired with nude pumps and a statement necklace would be a good step to revamp your wardrobe. Sheath dresses are also called ‘cocktail dresses’, to clear any sort of confusion.
  • If you are a party animal, you should definitely go for a pencil dress of redwood color. A redwood color enhances your party looks in a better way. If you want to go formal, a short blazer or a pencil dress with a belt with tan colored lumps, block heels or wedges would pull up your smart look.
  • Christian weddings are always about white gowns in different styling. But if you are a would-be bride, looking for something different to turn your wedding day into a memorable one, a dusty rose floral dip-dyed gown would be a head-turner. You can even go for a blush-colored gown with straps that is going to give you a dainty look and you can carry off the title, ‘Pretty in Pink’ quite well with that. Such gowns do not require a lot of accessories to get highlighted. A tassel neck piece with light makeup will do the needful.
  • For a cute look, you can go for a skater dress of oxford blue or burgundy color. These shades of blue and red will beautify your skin tone even more. In this world which is obsessed with the ‘white skin tone’, a dark-colored skater dress paired with a choker; coral pink colored stilettoes with the burgundy colored skater dress and teal or Cambridge blue colored stilettoes would be a beautiful combination with an oxford blue skater dress. Dori shoes (Ballet shoes) or pointed toe boots would be a perfect combination of such dresses.
  • Cape dresses are something every girl should own! Slipping into a cape gown contrasting a copper and cream shade will surely make you feel like a queen. You may hear people referring to you as ‘Your Majesty!’ looking at the touch of copper shade in your gown. It can be paired up with tan colored pumps, heaven heels or stilettoes. Cape dresses can be found in short cape dresses, cape gowns, cape midis too. A Castleton green cape short dress paired with lace stilettoes would be a jaw-dropping choice.

These dresses are worth choosing to add sass and beautify your wardrobe. All the dresses mentioned above would not require being paired up with heavy accessories as these colors would do the needful. Choose your colors wisely.


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