Nowadays, most modern brides have given up the traditional all-white wedding dream, and seek out colors that suit their complexion and taste.

If white is not your favorite color or if you feel it makes you look washed out, your favorite color can do the trick stylishly.

If following a traditional wedding style doesn’t appeal to you, a colored wedding dress is certainly the best option.

Not only is it socially acceptable to add amazing colors to your wedding gown, but the wide range of choices also allows you to make your wedding a uniquely personal.

Finding the right color

Use different shades that complement your complexion. For example, if you look gorgeous in pink, choose a white wedding dress that has a pale pink tint to it.

By incorporating different shades in your wedding dress, you can maintain the traditional all-white impression if you desire.

A splash of extra color will enhance the overall look of your wedding dress and you’ll look just as gorgeous in your favorite colored wedding dress.

On the other hand, instead of going for a partially white wedding theme, go for an entirely different spectrum of colors, which will look just as stunning on the most special day of your life.



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