No one said that finding the perfect wedding gown was going to be easy, but we all know the search is worth it! Same goes for the bridal lingerie, finding the right bridal lingerie for your special day, and night, isn’t always the easiest task, but can feel just as rewarding as the moment you slipped into your dream wedding dress.

Trying to find the right lingerie to fit appropriately with your gown while simultaneously wanting an undergarment that makes you look and feel fabulous can become a quite gruesome and frustrating task.  With that being said, the perfect bridal lingerie for you is out there…just have to know what to look for sometimes.

Whether your dress is an A-line, ballgown, or mermaid style, there are specific lingerie items made for each style of gown. Chances are that when you were shopping for your wedding gown, you were trying on dresses that were appropriate for your body type; same should apply for your bridal lingerie.

Every piece garment will look different on every body type and women. Don’t be afraid to look out of the box, but also, don’t be bothered by the idea of sticking to what you know works for you. No one can tell you what to wear on your special day, but advice shouldn’t ever hurt.

Here is a little tool to help you on your bridal shopping path; this fun infographic will help you remember some little tricks to finding the right bridal lingerie for your wedding gown…and your body type.



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