Preparing for the big day? If we would ask the brides about what they think the most important thing is regarding the wedding, a lot of them would say that it is the wedding dress.

This season seems to be the perfect one from this point of view because the majority of the most popular designers have come up with some dresses that are simply breathtaking.

One of the most well-known designers of wedding dresses is Vera Wang. Her dresses for the new collection of wedding dresses are absolutely gorgeous, and they also make sure that you and your fiancé won’t go bankrupt because of the dress. You might get them in the online store for a price that starts at $600.

Wedding Dress Although we cannot say that these are the simplest wedding dresses ever seen, they are quite simple compared to other ones.

The materials that have been used when creating the dresses include taffeta, tulle, organza and lace.

There are also some more unexpected materials as well, such as horsehair sash and some other Bridal accessories.

The first impression that the clothes make is that there has been a lot of materials used, and in some cases this feeling is quite overwhelming.

In many cases the sight of white is broken by colors like pink, black and grey.

The dresses have a lot of small details about them that make them magnificent and they range from the simpler designs to the most elaborate ones.

Monique Lhuillier also created something big with the last collection. The dresses are marvelous and they are also quite affordable. Let’s not forget that the wedding dress will become a memory for a lifetime so it is worth to make a larger investment in it.

Also in this case there is a wide range of dresses to choose from, and they vary from the simple designs to the ones that have intricate details about them.

Also an advantage of the collection is that there are also some short dresses besides the traditional long ones, which might be just perfect for those brides that aren’t fond of the traditional designs.

The materials that have been used include tulle, lace and organza. The details have been mentioned before, and you should know that these offer personality to the dresses. They make the dresses become more than a simple dress, each one of them is a piece of art that has been carefully created.

In case we directly compare the works of the two designers, we will see that the dresses created by Vera Wang seem to be a little more practical and according to the women who wore them, they feel more real in these dresses.

For some reason the other ones seem to be too perfect to be worn and the women feel less alive in them and more like a model in a picture. Nonetheless the best idea is to try dresses created by both designers to find out which one is more suitable for you.

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