Purchasing a wedding dress is an ordeal and all of us have to live through it sooner or later. It is always hard to accommodate the perfect fit, the look and the material within the budget you have for the dress.

Unless you are planning on spending the lion’s share of your wedding budget behind your dress which will not be seen by anyone other than your immediate family because you are not inviting anyone else then it is really necessary to sit up and pay attention while we let you know the tips to get that desired discount on your dream wedding dress.

best deals and discounts on your wedding gownStick to a Budget

Have an idea of how much you can afford to spend for your wedding dress and how much you are willing to do so. Once you have your desired figure write it down so that you can keep reminding yourself with a proof every time you feel like overstepping the border even a wee bit. Remember when I say wedding dress, I mean only the dress and not the accessories.

Off the Rack

Once you have your budget fixed try buying it off the rack from a bridal store. It is like a sample dress that they may have in all sizes but once you place an order you will get it custom made for you. However, these are their sample dresses so forget about being different and unique. You also might get a discount too if you plan on purchasing a readymade one with a little alterations.

Shop Online, at Outlet or Bridal Stores and Chains

If you plan on shopping online you exponentially increase your options. You will be likely to find a dress that matches your requirements within your budget. If you are lucky you might get a discount code or coupon or an accessory free with it.

Singular bridal outlets or bridal chains in the shopping malls are also worth checking. Do not worry about the cut and construction of the dress even if it is of last season as long as you look stunning in it. Some of these outlets and chains offer dresses for a very low price so much so that you will be astonished.

Shop Early and Negotiate

You know that ‘the early bird catches the worms’ phrase right? Thus make the earliest possible preparations to avoid any kind of mishaps that might put on in a position of no return later on. Preparing early also gives you the edge to the newest fashions and perhaps an introductory discount on the new dresses. Also try and negotiate on the price. Of course you cannot go ahead and ask for a flat 50% discount, but try settling in for as much as you can go. However, do not push too hard.

Simple is Answer

Remind yourself to keep it as simple as possible. You would not want to be covered in laced ribbons and roses like a five year old on her birthday. Also this is your wedding not your prom night that you would have to sparkle all over. You will be the center of all attention, so keep it simple where your dress compliments your figure and makes you look graceful and elegant. Besides, the more you opt for accessorizing and ornamenting your dress the more it will cost, no matter how hideous they might look afterwards. After all the materials and the tailoring costs money.

Remember your wedding dress makes or breaks your wedding day and it is probably one of the most expensive purchases you will do indulge in. Thus this particular aspect of your wedding needs to be weighed out against all options and worth the planning and time you dedicate behind it.


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