There is no question why to wear a sustainable wedding gown. The need of green wedding dresses now rises more and more. Till recently there was not actual request for luxurious and sophisticated sustainable clothes for your wedding day.

green wedding dresses

Now in the market the tendency of offering luxury sustainable wedding dresses is growing more than ever. For those brides, who would love to choose green wedding gowns, designers like Lindee Daniel of Puridee are making real wonders with eco-friendly materials and organic textures.

green wedding dresses1

Puridee’s wedding gowns are exceptional with their smooth design, lavish feeling and entirely green fabrics.

green wedding dresses2

The couture details and the innovative concept of their wedding dresses are now a hit among the brides that seek sustainable wedding brands. Puridee dresses are made of recycled rayon, peace silks and other natural materials.

green wedding dresses3

The luxury texture is guaranteed through the usage of a special sort of silk, called ahimsa or tussah. This is why their weddings are shining and look expensive.

green wedding dresses4

Eco-brides will be more than satisfied to wear these light and chic gowns. The designers of the eco-bridal line also offer sustainable accessories and anything you will need for your wedding day.

green wedding dresses5

The gowns are in limited edition, but the models are in different varieties in order to provide you bigger choice.



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