Most brides have a hard time choosing their own bridal gowns. It maybe a simple task but with the various choices designers can show you and the competition on their prices, it may take longer to choose and finally come up with something concrete. There are others who change their minds right after they’ve chosen a gown.

Short wedding dresses can be your good choice. In fact, more and more brides- to-be chose this economical wedding dress with a specific purpose in their minds, fashion and trendiness.

What short wedding dresses offer that traditional bridal gowns don’t?

  • Serves double purpose: Short wedding dresses can serve both as your wedding ceremony and reception dress. The traditional wedding dress that is a flowing gown all the way to the floor hardly serves the kind of attire you will need at the reception.
  • No tripping down: The long flowing bridal gowns have some brides tripping down the lane. They either has to redesign the inside hem of the gown or worst, the brides hand is fondling more on pulling it up than relaxing her hands. With short wedding dresses, you can eliminate all that downside.
  • Good on beach and outdoor wedding: If you’re planning a beach or garden wedding, these short wedding dresses are perfect. Beach wedding has a bumpy and soft ground which makes long bridal gowns impractical. Some even choose the Hawaiian style of wedding. Hawaiian wedding is all about summer clothing that consists of bright colors. You don’t have to worry about keeping your gown inside the closet because you can actually re-use it on other occasions.
  • Stylish: Short wedding dresses have been revolutionized to serve several purposes and practicality. They have designed to certain cuts that make look sophisticated and luxurious. Other short wedding dresses aren’t limited to the white color; some choose to have a different color for the purpose of being able to use the dress on other occasions.
  • Economical: Short wedding dresses come cheaper than the elaborate princess type bridal gowns. You can acquire these short dresses for fewer amounts without sacrificing the quality and trendiness of the dress.

Short wedding dresses have changed the perception of wearing long gowns for your wedding. Although most brides still choose to wear the traditional, their designs have greatly changed into something that is more modern and practical.

Always remember, your wedding is not about the gown but on the solemnity and sincerity of the union.

If you’re not sure about short wedding dresses but you want it for your wedding, make an appointment with your maker of bridal gown and ask more about the advantages of this kind of wedding dress. Your tailor will be able to explain things to you in a brighter and clearer side.

Allow enough time in preparing. It is advisable to keep brochures and other references at hand in case you need more choices. Do not limit yourself with your choices, have as much and narrow it down until such time you can come up with the one.



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