There is a category of brides that want to go far from the cliché. These brides are often artistic and are able to create their wedding dresses with unusual materials. One of these materials is the toilet paper.

Take a look at these creative gowns and see that there is no difference between a real gown and a gown made with toilet paper.

wedding dresses

The Chip-Chic-Weddings official page is releasing its latest contest for creating a toilet paper wedding dress. In case you are one of these brides that want to enter this eccentric contest, just take TP, glue, tape and needles.

wedding dresses1

One of the best ideas is the gown from toilet paper that looks like a typical Oscar gown. The gown you see is made entirely from toilet paper and the gown strictly follows the curves of the body.

wedding dresses2

Another good idea is to make a “princess” type gown. This toilet paper gown is also another suggestion for brides with imagination, but the material you need is much more than in any normal toilet paper gown.

wedding dresses3

Maybe one of the most difficult gowns to produce is the gown with corset and shawl. The toilet paper is ribbed, while the corset strictly follows the body silhouette. The shawl looks like lace due to the embodied toilet paper.

wedding dresses4



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