Every traditional bone in a bride’s body asks her to go out and look for the whitest wedding gown out there but with the change of trends and the note of glamour fashion brought to the wedding attire color wedding dresses are more and more present on the bridal market.

A bit of wedding dress color history

Along the history the image of the bride was associated with a special, new attire and during the middle ages and even Renaissance, dressing a bride in white was something unknown and even less encouraged. Then, color wedding dresses were extremely fashionable and the brides were allowed to wear any possible color they saw fit in the day they became brides.

Color Wedding DressesThe concept of a white wedding dress became the traditional standard in the Victorian age when Queen Victoria chose to be married in a completely white dress.

The Victorian fashion banned the colored wedding dresses and stated that a bride must look innocent and delicate as a white flower in her wedding day.

Modern couture and the colors of wedding dresses

Wedding dresses with color stepped forward in the 30’s and cream or gray nuances started to appear in the bridal wear. Since then the fabulous French couture introduced gradually the bold tones of green, blue, yellow and even red creating colored bridal attire.

Why choose a wedding dress in colors?

First and most important, not everybody looks good in white. In spite of what many brides believe, tradition is no longer asking for a completely white wedding dress. Since trends encourage brides to dare and look uniquely beautiful during their wedding day a colorful wedding dress can compliment the figure and the personality of a bride.

How much color in a wedding dress?

A bride ready to be original about her wedding attire will most likely consider wearing anything but white. A completely colored wedding dress will certainly catch the eye of everybody but if you are looking at a big family wedding you might consider choosing a wedding dress that will make you shine.

A-line wedding dresses and color insertions

Many brides are tempted to wear strapless wedding gowns with a full A line skirt. Color notes can transform this classic design into the most modern look. Colorful insertions of red, purple or even black, assorted with spectacular embroidery on the corsage and hemline can transform a traditionally shaped wedding gown into a breathtaking attire combining perfectly the free spirit of a bride with the traditional white.

Destination weddings and colorful wedding gowns

Destination weddings are surely extremely trendy and a perfect fit for 40 something brides. It is natural that an older bride will not want a white dress so the perfect solution would be a beautiful luscious colored gown that would look perfect all through reception. Purple, green and even black can become daring wedding dress colors for this type of festive occasion.

A touch of color to make your weeding dress shine

Brides are most of the times choosing their wedding gown and consider the wedding theme reported to their dress choice. Colorful accents are meant to beautify a wedding so a colorful hemline trim, a colored shawl or embroidered inlay and why not colored gloves and waistline will have the same effect on the bridal gown. The traditional white will shine even more because of this colored notes and your look will surely be in tone with the trend of color wedding dresses.



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