wedding dressRight at the top of the bride-to-be’s priority list should be her wedding dress.

Other things such as catering, décor and even choreography you may leave to your wedding planner but only the bride can pick her wedding dress.

Do whatever it takes to make sure that you have your dream wedding in your perfect dress.

However, no matter how enthusiastic and passionately driven we are by the perfect dress there are some circumstances that may prove as obstacles.

I mean things like the budget firstly, the shinier, extravagant or even the more beautiful the dress is, the higher the price tag. Not all of us are rich heiresses but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve the best. Don’t be disheartened there are ways of going around high price tags.

The key when purchasing something despite what it is, is to look and shop around before actually buying. Post a ”wanted” advert on the internet and see what will crop up.

Sure some will be second hand but chances are it was worn once. Others are brides who never got to the actual wedding day for reasons best known to themselves. Either way it is a great way to search the field.

If you are planning on wearing a dress that is a family heirloom, it is advised that you make alterations to it well before time. This leaves less room for mistakes and it allows you to personalize it to suit you and your character.

What was hot in your grandmother’s time is outdated now. Borrowing a dress is better with close relatives for discretion reasons that will save you the embarrassment. Family will probably let you keep the dress or even to alter it.

There are some small time designers that have not been discovered yet and these are great for designing your perfect dress. Chances are that they will charge you less than a professional.

These newbies will be eager to please and this will give you the upper hand but for the actual sewing rather contact a professional. But even with a professional, the dress should be finished before time just in case.

Professional seamstresses are also great for duplicating designer dresses that are beyond our financial grasp. Take pictures of yourself in the dress and of the dress on its own.

Also capture the details on camera and consult your seamstress if she can execute the job. It would also be good to take her to actually see it.

Chances are high that this will cost you much less than the original dress but having it custom made will give you the freedom to personalize it to how you see fit.



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