All eyes are on the bride as she enters the room on her father’s arm. Once she has entered the room, no one is supposed to look better than her, but till then it is definitely the groom’s mother’s right to look the best among all present. The groom’s mother should be dressed elegantly and spell class with a capital C, so much so that all except the bride should be envying her.

Let’s look at the options the groom’s mother has for a spring wedding. The spring is a beautiful time of the year and there is no reason why the colors and vibrant life of the season should not be part of the groom mother’s dress.

She can choose from lovely colors like pink, lilac, yellow, pine green, apple green, pink, gold, chocolate and purple. These are the trendiest colors this warm season.

It would be nice if the groom’s mother could coordinate with the bride so that her dress’s color doesn’t clash with the theme or with the bridesmaids’ dresses. And no…white and related nuances are not an option.

The next stop would be style. The future mother in law needs to choose a style that is trendy and suits her body type too. If she happens to be plus size, a floor length dress with a fitted jacket would be the best choice.

This will spell elegance, not to mention it suits all body types too. One can also choose a tea length dress that ends just below the knee, in solid colors with flower prints.

For those who want to look really different there is a lot they can choose from. For an outdoors wedding the groom’s mom should choose a chiffon knee length dress with floral prints.

Or she can pick a black dress that looks chic, especially when accessorized with bold colors. One can also choose a spaghetti strap dress that ends at the knees but in this case she should remember to carry a color coordinated shawl to go with it.

Irrespective of the dress you choose accessorize it simply and elegantly. You don’t need flashy or bold jewelry. Simple diamonds on your ears and around the neck will do the trick.

If you are looking at a summer wedding, the groom’s mother can go for a dress that suits the high temperatures of the season. Comfort and trend both dictate that she should choose fabrics like cotton, linen, organza and similar sheer fabrics. If she wants to opt for silk or satin instead, she should make sure that the dress has a cotton lining to keep her comfortable.

This summer you can pick elegant colors like lavender, soft grey, purple, peacock blue, ocean blue, metallic grey or other metallic shades of cream, beige, light mauve and greenish gray. You can opt for delicate embroidery and embellishments to stand out as the groom’s mother. Still try not to coordinate a dress in tow colors.

Keep the style of the dress simple and yet elegant. The latest trends show full length gowns, two piece dresses, mermaid style bottoms, skirt suits paired with sheer jackets, straight fit dresses and even heavily embroidered jackets. Layers are totally the trend, especially when combined with pleats and wraps.

At the end of the day the groom’s mother should look lovely and charming with an understated elegance. She needs to stand out from the crowd, and yet she should not overshadow the bride.



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