Apart from your wedding dress, the next most important item at the wedding reception is the wedding cake. It is therefore important to assign some time and thought and come up with a range of wedding cake ideas suitable for your big day.

Wedding cake designs can come in many forms, from conventional cream or white icing designs, to wholly non-traditional designs laced with vibrant artistry. Here are a few unusual, unique wedding cake designs.

Something Blue

This wonderful blue cake perfectly suits beach-themed weddings. The Blanca lily and fondant skirting at the bottom of the cake gives the cake a subtle, attractive look.

The skirting covers layers of the cake with chocolate hazelnut ganache filling. The cake is flavored with almonds and the chocolate hazelnut fillings add a delicious flavor. If your wedding is a beach theme, this gentle blue will perfectly fit the ambience. [ via ]

Simple Elegance

Powdered white fondant, green fondant ribbons and gumpaste hellbores are the main features of this two-tier wedding cake.

It suits a green or garden wedding theme perfectly and the two-tier confection of sour cream includes blood orange butter cream filling. [ via ]



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