Getting married in the winter?  Your wedding cake might reflect that.

There are all sorts of cakes and some of the decorations can add just the right touch to make your winter cake perfect.

wedding cake 1You can choose to go with a plain white look, or even have candy (or plastic) snowflakes adorning your cake. Some people opt for sugar encrusted small pine cones to bring a bit of color to their cakes.

wedding cake 2You should choose a glaze like frosting, than kind of smooth finish that will make your cake shine among the other wedding decorating items.

wedding cakeThere are even plastic fir leaves that can be wrapped around the cake to enhance the winteriness of it. Either way, your cake should fit your wedding, style, personality and the season as well.



  1. I am so glad I have found this website!I’m planning a winter wedding, so this would be very helpful! These wedding cakes looks fantastic!
    Love them. I’ll try one of them.Thanks for putting all these together.


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