The wedding cake is something no wedding can come without. Still, it is a common knowledge that the wedding cake is the image of the bride’s personality. Vanilla flavor, butter cream icing and sugar flowers all resemble the bride’s dress and the wedding reception.

So if you want to be original in this department, try on for size, a Southern tradition dating since the 19th century: the groom’s cake.

This does not mean you will have to give up your spectacular cake masterpiece but that you will accompany it with a surprise cake bearing all the masculinity marks your groom loves: his favorite sport, his college flag or his favorite…anything.

It can be a chocolate or red velvet cake and it can be your surprise for your groom.
You can serve it at your rehearsal dinner or during your wedding reception and if it is large enough it can be cut, put in boxes and served as a sweet wedding favor.



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