weddingcakeEvery color or combination of colors has its own story. You can create and decorate any place using any type and shade of color.

So don’t think black and white only looks good on penguins and waiters. It’s perfect if you plan well.

Even your wedding cake can be extraordinary and unique with just these two basic colors.

Look at it this way; the colors are so primary, you will be able to get whatever you want in that color.

Since they are primary wedding colors, your decor cake and favors should be kept simple and smart. That is what the colors portray anyway.

The combination of the two colors, bring about class and formality. You must avoid choosing complicated designs as this will not go down with this simple theme.

You can just have six cakes with a groom and his bride at the top. The groom dressed in his black tuxedo and the bride dressed in her white wedding gown. The main color should be white with black along the top edges of each layer.

Another simple design is the bible. Just an open bible. It’s simple yet classy. Again the main color here should be white and you should trace the color black along the edges of the bible pages. It will come out beautifully, simple yet with a sophisticated touch.

You do not necessarily have to keep your cake in plain white and black. Choose your accent color to lighten up things a bit. A common accent color is red. It complements very well with black.

How about a cake in the shape of a house! It will be a house signifying your new home that you are going to spend the rest of your life together. It’s simple and straightforward.

Do not add too many features to it. Just keep it plain and simple, a white front wall with a black chimney, door and window panes. Not complicated but still pleasing to the eye. You have achieved all in one. What more would you expect from your wedding cake.

The size of the cake is not necessarily determined by the design but you should consider how many people you are going to invite if it’s a strictly by invitation wedding. If not then you have to know how popular you are. If you are very popular then you have to have a big cake.

When choosing your wedding cake design, also remember that it is one of the main attractions that is going to be in the wedding album. If the bride and bridegroom are the most popular then the wedding cake is next in line. So take care when you choose your design so that it goes down with your theme.

Like I said, each color has its own story. Black and white colors have the story of being simple and classy.



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