In case you are planning your wedding and you are still wondering about the decoration of the cake, here are some ideas that can help you.

The wedding cake is an important part of the wedding, so think twice before purchasing the cake. The typical decorations for a wedding cake are the flowers. They are also part of the wedding theme, so don’t hesitate to use flowers as a décor to your wedding cake.

Don’t forget that the decoration should match the wedding décor, the bridal wear and the flower theme. The color scheme is also important. In case your wedding is traditional, go for white flowers on the wedding cake. For instance, a white buttered cake can be decorated with red or orange roses.

yellow flower wedding cake

The yellow roses are very good for a wedding cake, but make sure they fit the wedding theme. Typically, the flowers can be arranged on the top and on the bottom layer of the cake, but there is no rule about it, so you can experiment and place them wherever you want.

Many brides prefer cascading flowers as a decoration for their wedding cakes, but this is a bit risky, especially if the cake is large. In case you still want cascading flowers, they should be placed from one layer to other in a spiral style. The flavor of the cake and the colors of the flowers also should be synchronized. If the cake is chocolate, you can create a lovely contrast by adding white roses.

flower wedding cakes

The edible flowers are a perfect option, so you can choose them for the cake. The flowers, which are great for any wedding cake, are pink and white roses, purple calla lilies, daisies, calendulas, violets, lavender and all kind of green leaves. Don’t hesitate to add green leaves in your wedding cake decoration, because the leaves create a certain contrast.

Green leaves on a white wedding cake are perfect decoration, for they fit all kind of wedding themes. In case you are choosing a flower decoration for your wedding cake, you should avoid icing decorations. You can add extra patterns and some adornments along with the flowers. Make sure you are not overdoing the decoration of the cake, because it will look too “heavy”.

If you happen to choose fresh flowers for the wedding cake, make sure you cut the stems. Insert the flowers into the cake very carefully, in order to keep the attractive look of the cake. In case you are not sure you can handle it, simply use flower holders.



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