Wedding is the most special day of any one’s life. By adding special things to the wedding day, you can make the wedding day even more special.

On the wedding day, the centre of attraction would be the bride, her dress and her wedding accessories. The second attraction of the wedding would be the wedding cake.

Many say that the Wedding cake design should reflect the personal style of the couple.

Choosing a wedding cake design according to the personality of the couple is interesting, but measures should be taken to match the cake design to the wedding theme and decor too.

The perfect wedding cake design is one which satisfies the personality of the wedding couple, the wedding theme and the wedding decor.

Wedding cakes are not just deserts in your food menu as the young couples think. They are symbols of good fortune and marriage paradise for the married couple.

So, why can’t you make the marriage cakes special with different wedding cake designs.

Wedding cakes designs:

Wedding cake designs come in wide ranges. They vary from a simple whipped cream cake to a cupcake tree design cake with different cake toppings. The range is wide and you need to choose the cake according to the theme and the couple.

Many wedding planners take care of the wedding cake designs and this is a very easy process of having a wonderful cake. As the wedding planner have much experience in the wedding cake selections and arrangements, they will make sure the wedding cake design matches the themed wedding and couple.

But many couples now-a-days love to make their own wedding cake design and make sure that their partner loves the cake.

Choosing a proper wedding cake design:

When choosing wedding cake design, you need to be sure of some aspects useful in cake selection such as:

Complementary piece: If you have planned a themed wedding, you should choose all accessories according to the theme. Many choose the location, decorations and apparels according to the wedding theme, but forget about the wedding cake design. Make the wedding theme successful by selecting a perfect wedding cake design which matches the theme.

The shape, color, decorations and topping on the wedding cake design should support the wedding theme and must add bloom to the wedding theme. Your wedding cake design should not be aloof from the wedding theme; select a design that exactly satisfies the wedding theme.

Wedding cake toppings: The wedding cake design can be made even more beautiful with different wedding toppers. Many couples are using their hereditary wedding toppers in their wedding cake designs. These wedding cake toppers can be stored for a lifetime and some are even using them in their wedding anniversary cake designs.

Color scheme: The color scheme of the wedding is also important in the wedding cake design. Some are using the flowers intertwined with different icing techniques to add elegance to their wedding cake designs.

You can even ask the cake vendor to make the carvings of bride’s gown as a wedding cake design. If you cannot find a cake that matches your theme, then this is a good idea.



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