Which are the central elements of a wedding? The bride and the wedding cake of course (no offence to the grooms). We all know about the trends regarding the wedding dresses, hairstyles and so on, but what about the cakes and the decorations?

In case you are getting married this year, there is something you should remember and something that you should forget: forget the fondant and remember the buttercream. It is true that it is easier to work with fondant and the decorations are easier to create but let’s admit it: buttercream tastes a lot better. Also it is possible to achieve the same smooth look if you have a steady hand.

Talking about taste: there are some traditional flavors that everybody knows and everybody likes, but why not go for something new and something more interesting?

Wedding Cake Decorations

When talking to the baker you should also ask him about the available flavors besides fruit, biscuit and carrot. The newest cake decoration trends include Red Velvet, chocolate orange, chocolate hazelnut, vanilla bean, orange, almond and lemon. The filling could also be something new like chocolate ganache or even caramel buttercream.

Another trend in this season is to make the tall cakes be even taller. You might need this because of the high number of guests, but you could make the cake look more dramatic just for the fun of it.

In case you are looking for a more traditional look, opt for the two-tier cakes. This is also suitable in case you are preparing for a small wedding or you are on a low budget. In order to add more height to the wedding cake, place it on a stand.

Although in the last seasons the wedding cake decorations included many flowers and other kinds of decorative elements, in this year we will see a lot of cakes with one flower. The best choice is to keep it simple and classic and you can be sure that you will find it beautiful even 20 years from now.

You don’t have to fill your wedding case with different colors to make an impression. In this season monochromatic cakes are really fashionable. Think about the black and white cakes. Make sure that there won’t be too much black on it because in the end it might not look appetizing.

Although some of the brides like to keep it simple, it also seems to be fashionable to have flowers as wedding cake decorations. You could have seen some cakes that had flowers all over. These could be made of cream, chocolate or other kinds of sweets and you can also opt for real flowers.

The monograms of the groom and bride also seem to gain more and more popularity. This could be added to the top of the wedding cake but also as part of the wedding cake decoration, to the sides of the cake.

Other trendy wedding cake decorations include the funny shapes of decorations, like the figurine of the bride and groom in an interesting position or even sexy position.



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