The wedding cake should be sweet and tasty, and it is a plus if it is good looking too. This is something that you could achieve with the help of wedding cake accessories. In the majority of the cases, people are using cake toppers to make their cakes even more unique.

Sexy wedding cake accessories

When it comes to wedding cake toppers, a lot of people instantly think about the traditional ones, with a bride and groom standing side by side. Today these cake toppers come in various shapes, and one of them is the sexy one that we are referring to. In case of this accessory for the wedding cake, the groom is holding the bride, the bride putting her legs around him. This could be the perfect cake topper in case of a young couple. Also this could be something that the guests will always remember.

Wedding Cake AccessoriesGoing traditional

If you are going to have a traditional styled wedding, you could be interested in traditional looking accessories for the wedding cake. One of the most important moments of the wedding is when the bride and groom dance together for the first time.

This is something that you could have represented on the cake through a cake topper in the shape of the bride and groom dancing. The most elegant toppers of this kind are the ones that come only in white color.

Silver cake topper

In case you are looking for wedding cake accessories, you might not want the bride and groom figurine, and so you could also go for the monograms of the couple. There are numerous materials that these could be made of. In case you are having an elegant, sophisticated and traditional wedding, you could want to go for the silver monograms.

These accessories for the wedding cake are available in the shape of all the letters of the alphabet, so you can be sure that the guests will know what the happy couple is made of.

On the other hand the silver color may not fit into the theme that you have chosen for the wedding, and in such a case you should go for the simple white wedding cake accessories that also present the monogram of the bride and groom. The good thing about these toppers is that they aren’t as expensive as you might think.


In our days it is very popular to have crystal accessories for the wedding cake, and so there are some couples that opt for the letters that are entirely made of crystals. These add sparkle to the cake and you can be sure that it draws the attention of the guests to themselves.

Beachy vibe

If the wedding happens to have a beachy theme, it is just natural to be looking for beachy themed accessories for the wedding cake. You may find some letters that also have some shells.



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