Wow how nice the setup is! These words can only come when you use the right wedding  cake topper which complements with the wedding cake.

In order to personalize your wedding cake, wedding cake toppers are the best choice. A wedding cake topper is more than a decoration. It is a reminder of the incredible day when you wed your best friend.

Including a wedding cake topper into your cake design is a fun way to complete your wedding decoration theme.

It is better to make your wedding cake design and topper choices together. You will find wedding cake toppers of various designs and styles. Here are some of the most popular wedding cake toppers:

Funny wedding cake toppers:

Funny wedding cake toppersNowadays most of the people are not accepting customary wedding cakes.

It is your special day, so let your imagination go and make that you like.

If you want something special and unique then you can try for funny wedding cake toppers.

These toppers will attract all your guests and makes your event memorable.

Traditional wedding cake toppers:

Traditional wedding toppers generally consist of a plastic bride and groom holding hands and standing at the top of the cake.

Traditional wedding cake toppersGenerally the bride and groom on top of the cake don’t look like the bride and groom who are preparing to tie the knot.

Still you can find these traditional toppers. Most of the places which vend the traditional wedding cake toppers have cultural brides and grooms.

You can also use flowers as traditional wedding cake toppers. People prefer to keep the flowers on the top of the cake for many years, as these are nice accents. Then sprinkle the rose petals down the length of the cake.

Unique wedding cake toppers:

Unique wedding cake toppersUnique wedding cake toppers will give unique and memorable touch for your wedding cake. You will find these toppers in all shapes and sizes.

These toppers are not only intended to crown your wedding cake, but also provide you a chance to create an exceptional declaration and to offer a talking point for your guests.

These unique wedding cake toppers can be made from a variety choice of materials like semi-crystal and crystal stones.

Using the wedding cake toppers is a best way to express your love for each other and also give that love to your guests.

Monogram wedding cake toppers:

Monogram wedding cake toppersMonogram wedding cake toppers are definitely on the formal side. Simple silver toned and gold scrolled letters and classic fonts are the most formal options.

Most traditional way of placing the monogram as wedding cake toppers is placing the bride’s initial on the left, groom’s initial on the right and the new initial in the center. For a more modern way, you can try the letters with swirls and curly-q’s.

You can also use wedding cake toppers with words like “joy”, “love” or whatever that is more meaningful for you.

If you are planning to buy a wedding cake topper, it is better to search online and select the one that is more meaningful and most importantly it must be suitable with your personality and style.



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