wedding cake2Wedding planning does not end at choosing your wedding dress or your groom’s tuxedo.

The wedding cake is just as important as the wedding dress. No wedding cake, then you might as well not be present for the wedding.

Serious! It holds a lot of significance in you did not know.

So many people have come up with so many different wedding cake ideas, unlike any other ordinary cake.

Wedding cakes must not only be of great taste but should catch the eye of guests and wedding photographers. For most part of the wedding it is more of a display than some form of food. It is only towards the end of the ceremony that it becomes edible.

You can choose to layer your cake in an ascending manner. Then right at the top of the cake put something creative. Usually people would put a bride and his groom standing next to each other.

But if you want a unique topping try a groom carrying his bride. It’s different and out of the ordinary as compared to the former design.

Shape your cake into something you like. This way it will definitely be different from the rest because everyone is different. Take for example, you love apple. Design your cake in the form of an apple, with one slice cut out.

You can play around with two colors, preferably green and red. Cream or an off white color should be for the inside of the apple. Come on, you can do better than this. Just think of something you love.

Maybe the shape of your cake can be something that resembles how you and your partner met, if you met on a fountain or near a fountain.

With the help of an appropriate stand, set your different cake layers on the stand so that it depicts the rock structure that usually surrounds a water fall. If you manage to pull this out, you will love what’s in front of you.

You can also shape your cake like boxed up presents. Suppose your color theme is maroon and white. Your boxes should be in white and the ribbons should be in maroon.

Don’t scatter them around as this will appear disorganized. Get a centerpiece that will provide something for the boxes to lean on or to shape around.

The ideas are endless, just stretch your imagination and you will be surprised what comes out. Do this together so you can both contribute towards this important day of your lives. Have fun while you are at it!



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