Choosing a wedding anniversary gift for your loved ones can be a pleasure as well as a challenge for many. Since the occasion calls for something really special and thoughtful, it is best to do your research beforehand. Many of us are not even aware that there is a traditional and modern list of gifts for each year of the marriage.

Hence it is key to understand, what anniversary year the couple you are intending to gift will be celebrating. Following are some general pointers to help you with ideas for wedding anniversary gifts:

wedding anniversary gifting ideasFind out the Year of Anniversary

First and foremost, you need to find out the anniversary year that the couple are celebrating. In case they are celebrating milestone years (1st, 5th, 10th…), then you can search specifically for those years.

Check the List of Traditional and Modern Gifts

The best way to trim down your search is to refer to the modern and traditional gift lists for the respective anniversary year. This can be done online by checking the popular sites. It is strange that many couples are not even aware that each anniversary is traditionally linked with a particular item or items. Hence, you can surprise them by choosing an appropriate gift for the respective anniversary year and thus show your thoughtfulness.

Opt for Creative Gifts

When you are giving a gift to someone, the thought and creativity matters more than the cost of it. So be creative while referring to the gift list and choosing an appropriate anniversary gift. For instance, if you are gifting for a 5th anniversary, you can experiment with the modern gift of silverware ideas like giving fancy silver jewellery or cufflinks. For a 7th anniversary, you can give the traditional gifts of unique copper items or woollen blankets.

Gifting Holiday Vouchers

It is a very good idea to gift holiday vouchers to the couple to a place where they have not been to or to somewhere they are personally attached to. You can also give weekend getaway vouchers with movie tickets or spa treatment vouchers.

Give Utility Items

When it is anniversary, it’s the best to gift the couple something that both of them would use and like. If they have bought a new home, get some gifts that would help them in home making like appliances or useful furniture pieces. Even a small and personalised nameplate would work great for them! Showpieces that show off the couple’s picture with love messages is an adorable anniversary gift as well.

If you are still confused about the gift, you can go for the safest option of flowers or a bonsai tree which is as old as the couple’s marriage.


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