Choosing a wedding cake of your dreams is one of the prominent aspects of a wedding ceremony, if not the most important aspect. Of all the other delicacies you choose or the arrangements you organise, the wedding cake is the most significant that appeals a lot of attention. So it is obvious that you will want the best bakery in town to design and make your long cherished dream cake. Given below are some guidelines on choosing a bakery for wedding cake:

tips for choosing a bakery for wedding cakeSelect a Reputed Bakery

Though it seems simple to choose a reputed bakery, it nonetheless requires little research and review from previous users to select a reputed bakery. The best way to do this is searching online and typical wedding websites will have reviews of wedding cakes from other married couples. Based on this and the list of their wedding cakes and pictures you can assess whether they are up to your expectations or not.

Visit the Bakery Personally

It is important to visit the bakery personally to meet the staff and concerned person responsible for your wedding cake. In order to talk the design of your cake, it is important to meet the people involved in your cake making. You may need to discuss with the staff or a single person, whoever is involved in the design and making of the cake. Besides it is important to have a picture of the intended cake, either a computer print or a drawn one.

Ask about Filling and Cream Choices

The filling inside your wedding cake makes all the difference in how it tastes, so it is important to know about the bakery’s filling choices in advance.  If you have a particular choice of cream or fondant icing for your cake, it is best to ask in advance about the options available with your baker.

Cake Tasting in Advance

Although it is advisable to stick to the traditional tastes like vanilla, strawberry or chocolate, it is however best to arrange for a cake tasting session at least a week prior to your wedding.

Go to the Baker Well in Advance

It is significant to order for a wedding cake as part of your initial preparations itself. It understandably takes time for the design of a wedding cake and its making, along with choosing the right flavours, frosting, flowers etc. hence it is prime that you provide the order well in advance.

Go to a Licensed Bakery

Last but not the least, it is significant to understand whether your bakery is licensed by the health department of the respective state.



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