Wedding cakes are an integral part of the wedding. Every couple would like their cake to be loved by guests not just with their palate but with their eyes too.

Mind blowing cakes come at mind blowing prices and sometimes the couple may be running out of budget or are expenditure savvy.

Low Cost Wedding Cake

In such situations the wedding cake may seem like an extravaganza that needs to be pruned down. There are many ways to cut down on the wedding cake cost. Here are a few tips to help you prune costs and yet make the wedding look perfect.

The best but not very practical way would be to limit your guests to the very important ones. A smaller gathering would mean a smaller cake and also a lower cake cutting fee.

Opt for a square cake. It will not only look like a style statement but will also give more servings as compared to a round cake of the same size.

Instead of using sugar paste or gum paste decorations you could opt for fresh fruit and flowers to make your cake look beautiful and cut down on costs too. Simpler details like wide ribbons or Swiss dots can turn out economical as compared to intricate detailing.

If you want those towering cakes and not shell out the mega bucks then you can always ask your baker to add some faux layers of Styrofoam with icing on them. Guests will not know the difference!

Many couples are happier to look for non cake options. They may have a small ceremonial cake to cut, but the guests are served with cupcakes, pastries, tarts or even donuts.

You could also ask a close friend or relative, to give the wedding cake as your wedding gift. May be you and your would-be could decide to take some classes and bake your own wedding cake.



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