wedding cake topperWhat is prettier than the wedding cake topper after the bride’s wedding dress? Most couples consider this decoration as the token of their wedding day and may keep it for the next wedding anniversaries to follow.

Nearly three quarters of brides, keep cake toppers as a souvenir of their wedding, for it represents a day of bliss and magic, a day to remember for years to come.

All in all it is a must at the wedding reception, and a cake with no cake topper, would not really be a wedding cake at all.

So when you do set off to choose your wedding cake topper, make sure you choose a special one that will dazzle all your guests, for the cake is what most guests will be looking at, during the wedding reception.

It would be a shame to buy a cheap looking topper, when the cake is so intricately decorated, which would spoil the overall effect.

A crystal wedding cake topper will amaze all the guests, as it glitters with reflecting light and adds sparkle to the wedding reception, you will certainly have the wished effect.

You can also choose a custom designer cake topper, for an exclusive piece, these can be found on many Internet sites, where you can select your own style and theme according to what kind of wedding reception you intend to organise.



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