If you are going to choose a wedding cake, then don’t miss out the opportunity to have a black and white wedding cake, which is also the most preferred dessert when comes to stylish weddings.

black and white cakesIf you want your wedding cake to be remembered as unique, then simply go for black and white cake with two layers. The models for black and white wedding cakes can vary to your choice, but there are some who can offer real classy look.

These lovely cakes are made of white cream and delicious chocolate marble. The creative design made with black chocolate will give a refine look to your wedding cake.

black and white cakeOn the top layer there are edible flowers, made of chocolate, which are usually assorted with the flowers, used for the whole wedding.

Another model of black and white wedding cake is that white chocolate cake with engraved names of the bride and the groom, made in black chocolate.

If you are planning big wedding then go for four layered cake. The trick here is to order it in square shape and all the layers to be made of black chocolate.

Only on the top of the cake and on its sides could be placed chocolate ribbons for an original and classy look.



  1. Woww,those cakes looks and sounds fantastic!i love black and white.I wish to have a black and white wedding cake for my big day.Really some great ideas to try out e.Nice post!Thanks a lot.

  2. Hey. Thanks for this post. I cruise alot of blogs just to see what I can find new and I liked yours. I am a student in Cosmotology so if you have a link to subcribe to your blog could you let me know so I can do that. I would like to read more when you post them.



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