White, smooth and sleek – these aren’t the keywords for your wedding dress. These are the keywords that will help you in choosing the perfect wedding cake. The traditional wedding cake is big and carries mini-edible statues of bride and a groom.

The colors of the cake should be matching the color of your whole wedding style and it is a very common tradition to see the wedding cake become an elaborated work of art.

Still, in case you want to impress your guests, just choose pastel wedding cakes.

Smooth colors, mini roses and floral motifs at the top of the cake are just perfect for any kind of wedding.

Lately, white and smooth lemon colored cakes are preferable, but you can go for all the colors in the pastel palette.

Despite many says pastel wedding cakes are too simple, they are still the traditional ones. If you want something bold, then don’t choose pastel, but clearly choose an element that will speak of following the traditions for this occasion.



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