One important detail that a couple should take into consideration is the wedding cake topper found on the top of the cake. They are usually made of glass, porcelain, or other materials that can hold the topper in place.

The wedding cake topper usually depicts the symbol of unity which portrays a miniature model of the newly weds themselves.

It has been a common tradition in many countries around the world to use wedding cake toppers as the main attraction in the wedding cake. As mentioned earlier, it is used as a symbol of unity.

In today’s times, the wedding cake topper is used more for display reasons that give emphasis on the theme of the wedding itself.

Choosing the kind of material for wedding cake toppers is the easy part, what couples should take into consideration is that it should match their wedding theme.

With all the details couples have to take into consideration for the wedding, it may be confusing to choose what wedding cake topper to choose.

Here are some of the wedding cake toppers you, as a couple, might want to take into consideration when choosing the right one:

  • Traditional Toppers – These toppers are designed in such a way that shows the couple in their full wedding attire. Traditional wedding cake toppers show the couple standing beside each other while modern day toppers have a slight difference in the way they are positioned.
  • Monogram Toppers – These toppers vary from the traditional toppers where instead of replicas of the bride and groom, they use initials topped with glittering gems. They are usually made of materials such as plastic, metals, and others.
  • Theme Toppers – This topper also vary from traditional replicas of the couple in such a way that it depicts certain themes. It may depict common interests of the couple, and still have the bride and groom present at the topper itself. It could be expressed in the couple riding a bike, sitting down under a tree, and other theme figures the couple wants to have on it.
  • Humor Toppers – Wedding cake toppers can also depict funny moments done by the bride and groom. Creativity can be set at play here as well. Different poses and gestures can be depicted by the toppers which aim to draw attention to it.

If the bride and groom are short of ideas as to how the wedding cake topper can be, they may opt to seek the service of those who professionalize on it.

There are quite a number of online companies that do wedding cake toppers. They personally work around the ideas of the couple. Another source to find these companies would be to look around your local area. It would be smart to ask around friends and family members for recommendations.

When choosing a wedding cake topper, make sure that it is something worth remembering. These toppers should depict the attitudes and interest of the couple as well.



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