Love is good and so are weddings! We all have an idea of our perfect dream wedding but we fail to put our imagination into action at times thus we end up failing to decorate the wedding banquets on the wedding day. Apart from the decoration, deciding the design of the cake is also a huge task.

Well, we are here to put an end to all your worries as we have created a list of 5 ideas for a cake that you can use for your themed wedding. This list includes no white or three tire wedding cake but some unusual ideas so to know more about them and to make your wedding way better, keep reading!

5 Ideas for Themed Wedding Cake

Idea 1: Chocolate is a savior

If you are running out of idea for your perfect wedding cake, you can always go for a chocolate cake. Chocolate cakes are classic and can be seen at most weddings. Choosing a chocolate is even better for a chocolate lover. The cake must not be frosted with white icing as you can always go for a brown chocolate cake.

Idea 2: Cake on every table:

Why only the bride and the groom will be given the privilege to cut the cake, right? Guests attending their wedding must also be given this opportunity. Place a small cake on every table for the guests to cut them. This will not only make your wedding decoration good but will also bring a wide smile on the faces of people attending your wedding.

Idea 3: Quotes on the cake:

Quotes are everywhere starting from social media to our room wall, why leave your wedding cake? You can ask the bakery to put your favorite quote on the cake. By doing this you can also say unsaid things to your lover and make him or her smile. Also, if you are not a quote person, you can also go for your favorite lyrics.

Idea 4: Suspended cake:

Placing the wedding cake on a table decorated with flowers is so old school now and everyone does this, why not try something new? Instead of using a table for keeping your wedding cake makes a swing like setup and place the cake on it. This will make your decoration look way better.

Idea 5: Cake without any frosting:

This is quite a new idea and is not widely in use until now. Wedding cakes have always been highly frosted and decorated using various items such as fondant, rice crispies and much more. How about leaving your wedding cake all naked without any frosting? Ask the baker not to use any frosting on the outer layer of the cake instead tell him or her to put seasonal fruits. In summer go for berries and if your wedding is in winter you can always go for apples, pear and blood oranges.

We are sure that by now you have gathered some amazing ideas for wedding cakes that you can try on your wedding and make people remember the unique cake on your wedding. These ideas are not used widely so you may not have spotted them elsewhere. So what are you waiting for? Be the first one to try them out and surprise your guests.


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