Cakes are the last thing on anyone’s mind while planning a wedding, unless of course one is a true foodie with a sweet tooth. However, one should remember that the cake is a very important part of the whole experience of a wedding and is remembered by everyone long after the last cream and sponge duo is licked off the plate. A little bit of research on cake trends this year will take you a long way in planning a wonderful confection for the guests and make this part of the wedding a memorable one.

Ideas for Wedding Cakes In 2014

From the traditional sponge, vanilla, white cream or fruit cake to Kate Middleton’s lace covered nuptial cake matching her dress; there is a host of ideas to choose from. In keeping with the new trends in wedding ideas and themes, couples nowadays do not shy away from experimenting with new designs in place of the soft, sweet lacy look on cakes to opt for more trendy and chic designs to match the theme of the wedding.

In 2014, look out for cakes with textured facade either in large floral motifs with metal colored leaves and petals, or resembling the appliqué on the bride’s gown. You may decide to go quirky with metallic look as was the craze in 2013 and add a single metallic layer or more in silver or gold to the cake, or go for a simple style with a unique border statement. You can incorporate sophisticated pearls, gems, bows, peacock feathers or fabric to the motif.

The feminine ruffles and flowers are here to stay and if that is your style, what is there to stop you. Try using a topper on your cake that is personal to your relationship as a romantic couple. You could try a replica of yourself as a couple or a monogram to go with the cake to give it definition.

You could decide on a rustic wedding, complemented by a naked cake. As the name suggests, naked cakes have no frosting and depends on the batter’s natural color to create an aesthetically appealing minimalistic look topped with fruits, fresh flowers or nuts to give it an interesting touch.

Wedding cakes in 2014 have also come of age to defy gravity and become the much awed upside down chandelier cakes. Like something out of a make believe story, the cake can miraculously be turned into a fabulously adorned chandelier held together by feat of design and precision. As an alternative option, you may want to have a cake suspended from the ceiling on a bed of soft petals to complete your big day and give it that feeling of magic.

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