wedding cakeIf there is one visual focal point for the reception, it is the wedding cake. No matter how wonderful your cake is, it should also taste wonderful.

When you are choosing a wedding cake, consider the many different options you have.

The layers themselves can be simple, such as a vanilla, or you could choose a more exotic flavor like hazelnut or mocha.

Your cake can be finished in a number of ways, including a variety of buttercream frostings or fondant. You can take inspiration for the cake flavors from the meal you are serving or from your theme.

Any caterer or baker you are interviewing should be able to provide you with a tasting of the various layers, filling, and frosting options that they offer.

The best caterers and bakers will have samples of each of the individual components they offer so that you can try any combination you like rather than just having to imagine this frosting with that layer.

Let your caterer or baker guide you toward combinations that will work for the cake you have in mind. For example, some types of decoration will require the use of fondant, while decorating a cake with fresh strawberries may be less appealing if strawberries are not in season.



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