Wedding ceremony is a grand occasion in anyone’s life and expenses are bound to come at every corner, you may clinch to find out those aspects from where you can save your money. Your wedding cake can fall under the budget saving aspect if you want to do so.

Wedding cakes may cost from few hundred dollars to few thousand dollars depending on its design as well as decoration. Hence while thinking of to save your money from wedding cake the below given tips will prove to be beneficial.

budget saving wedding cake ideasConfirm Whether your Reception Venue Includes Wedding Cake or not

Before booking your reception venue do not forget to confirm whether the venue is offering a wedding cake or not. If the venue has the facility of offering you wedding cake then your next step should be calculating how much credit you are going to get for that particular purpose. If it suits your pocket you can go with it and if it does not permit your budget then you can ask to get back your money for the cake in order to pave the path of ordering from somewhere else.

Decide how you want to Decorate your Wedding Cake

Before placing an order to your bakery, decide how you want to decorate it. It is recommended always to keep your wedding cake simple because it will be easier for you to handle single or two tiered cake rather than a five tiered cake. You can decide the size of the cake after consulting with the bakery.

Prefer to Order your Wedding Cake to Local Bakery Rather than Speciality Cake Designer

As wedding is the most memorable part of your life, try to avoid any unwanted situation during the ceremony. Consequently prefer to order your wedding cake to the local bakery rather than speciality cake designer. This will not only help you to save money but also you can get the chance of altering your design or size of the cake according to your requirements.

Cup Cake Tower can Save your Money

Some venues charges for cake cutting ceremony. To combat with this extra expense you can opt cup cake tower for your wedding ceremony. This alteration will definitely curdle down your extra expense and you will not require extra staff for serving the cakes.

Decide the Size of the Cake Diligently

If you have invited minimum guests, make sure to get a medium sized cake. A huge cake will not only cost you more but also get wasted. Talk to the bakery experts and ask them the size of the cake that would suit the number of guests and go accordingly. Cakes with higher icing decorations and lesser cake content cost a little less; you can go for it if needed.



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