One of the most expected moments of the wedding is usually when the guests see the bride and groom cake toppers. There are many different styles to choose from, including the romantic, classic and funny toppers.


In case you are looking for vintage cake toppers with bride and groom then you should consider those that show the couple arm in arm. Although the design of the cake might be really simple, when it comes to the topper you should consider the traditional wedding symbols, and maybe ask for a custom made topper.

Something contemporary as the cake topper with bride and groom

Bride and Groom Cake ToppersIf you aren’t really looking for a lot of color on the topper, then you should consider a contemporary one, that has light colors, and they show the groom holding the bride in his arms, in front of him.

These toppers are less fun, but a lot more elegant than the rest that come with different colors.


If you guys are one of those couples that don’t mind showing the world their romantic side, then you could choose bride and groom cake toppers that show the groom holding the bride, their foreheads touching and the feet of the bride being in the air. Now, if this isn’t romantic, then what is?

Something funny

A wedding doesn’t have to be extremely serious. If you would like to lighten up a bit, then go for those cake toppers with bride and groom that present a funny situation, such as the groom taking a plunge in the cake. Naturally there are many other designs to choose from.

Your lifestyle

You should allow your lifestyle to influence the choice you make regarding the bride and groom cake toppers. As an example, if both of you like riding the motorcycle and you have some memories of the sort, you could go for the cake toppers with bride and groom that show the couple sitting on a bicycle, running away.

Picture this

In case you don’t want something too funny, you could consider this one of the bride and groom cake toppers: the bride and groom standing side by side, kissing, and holding a frame in front of their faces, so their faces look as if they would be a part of a picture.

Piggyback ride

In every adult there is a child. You should let the cake toppers with bride and groom express this, and consider those that show the bride being on the back of the groom, the groom carrying her. For sure this is something that would make the guests smile.


These kinds of toppers work best in case you have a princess style wedding gown. Consider those figurines that remind you of the story of Cinderella. This can be something romantic or just cute. As an example consider those figurines that show the groom kissing the hand of the bride, being on his knees.

The possibilities regarding bride and groom cake toppers are endless; you just have to find the one that works best.



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