We all want to be unique, have a unique and outstanding wedding which has different aspects that all other weddings do not possess.

Doing away with the tradition of having a wedding cake would definitely give you the uniqueness you are looking for. There is no doubt that cakes are available in different designs and flavors but sometimes you just do not want a cake.

Substitutes for wedding cakes

More ice-cream, custard and everything that comes with dessert would be a perfect substitute for a wedding cake. I can taste it in my mouth already! Increasing the amount of dessert is an alternative that would surely rock everyone.

Dessert is usually served in small quantities; a lot more than usual would surely make this wedding unique and stand above the rest.

Remind yourself of the satisfaction you feel after having a tub of ice cream, definitely it feels good. Bring it on and leave the guests more than satisfied and yourself of course.

Talking about being a cut above the rest, you can box up small treats wrapped perfectly that all the guests would have. This is in addition to the wedding favors that you are going to give them. The treats can be candy, the small chocolates, sweets and marshmallows packaged as hampers before being put in a box.

Wait till you see the shock on your guest’s faces and their appreciation. Be the first person to try something that would actually bring the best part of your wedding. You can actually display these little hamper gifts in place of the wedding cake. It is a different approach to a new wedding.

There is nothing wrong with giving each person a full wedding cake! Yes, you heard me right, a wedding cake for each single guest at your wedding. To be more specific miniature imitations of wedding cakes that can actually be in the form of milk chocolates.

This is a quite nice and interesting alternative. This way the tradition is not entirely lost but there is a hint to its existence. A figurine that illustrates a bride and groom would make the treat even more appealing.

It is your wedding; why not substitute with your favorite treats or pastries. This will certainly become a wedding worth talking about! Are you crazy about Danish custard or milk tarts? Why not treat everyone to these or whatever you like the most.

I see myself trading a wedding cake for milk tarts and I just love the sense in that! Be different, try any one of these ideas and I am sure your wedding would be the talk for a long time as being different and interesting.



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