There is no doubt about the fact that the traditional wedding cake will never go out of fashion. But while it is always safe to go with a cake, there are many other options which you can use in place of the cake.  From customized desserts to fashionable donuts, there are a huge number of wedding cake alternatives that you can opt for to give your wedding celebrations an interesting twist. The following is a list of the top 5 alternatives to the classic wedding cake:

classic wedding cake

1. Three Tier Stand with Heart Shaped Pie Pops

One of the most amazing alternatives to the classic wedding cake is a three tier stand with heart shaped pie pops.  These not only help you to satisfy the taste buds of your guests but also look absolutely cute and romantic. The heart shaped pops are easy to eat and can be prepared in any flavor that you like. You can even go for an assortment of flavors to further add to the experience.

2. A Cake Made of Donuts

Everyone loves to eat donuts and when you have a multi-tier cake made of an assortment of them, then who would miss the traditional cake? There are many bakeries and cake shops which can create a tall donut cake for your guests and you to enjoy.

3. A Macron Stand

Another superb idea for your wedding cake alternative is a stand consisting of multiple layers of macrons instead of cake. Not only are macrons loved by everyone but you can include a huge variety to create an assortment of tastes for everyone.

4. Oreo Cookie Wedding Cake

Placing Oreo cookies on top of one another, creating several different layers to look like a cake is also a highly tempting and light cake idea for your wedding. It easily replaces the classical cake but without compromising on the appearance and taste.

5. Cupcake Tower

Another brilliant idea that can act as an alternative to the classic wedding cake is a cupcake tower. You can create 2-3 different layers consisting of cupcakes and opt for different flavors to create an assortment. This idea generally goes very well with guests.

If your wedding is around the corner and you are thinking of doing something different than the traditional, then you can opt for one of these 5 alternatives or think of a creative one yourself!


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