Unusual wedding cake toppers are another way for unconventional couples to express themselves on that special day.

While traditional weddings will always be popular, unique weddings are almost becoming the new norm.  Every couple tries to show off their personal preferences and tastes during their special day.

Modern, minimalistic couples have a variety of eclectic choices for their wedding cakes.  A contemporary lovebird’s cake topper gives updated meaning to an age-old romantic image.

Here are 25 beautifully decorated wedding cakes, you might want to have for your wedding day.



  1. I really like these. What a great idea to bring some personal flair to your wedding cake. My favorite is the last one. It is fantasy invoking. 🙂

  2. WOW – gone are the days of the plain old bride and groom sitting atop a white three tiered cake – love these!


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