Wedding cakes are the centerpiece and the centre of attraction in all weddings. It is one of the most thought out aspects of a wedding. A wedding cake is not just a fancy cake. Plenty of planning is required to come up with that perfect piece of art that needs to look wow and taste awesome.

A few things that go into planning a wedding cake are the icing, the flavor, the height, the décor and the color. All these things in their perfect balance make that wonderful wedding cake that makes people go wow when it is wheeled out for the reception and sets the cameras clicking.

Wedding Cake TrendsSo what are the wedding cake trends this year? What does the bride of 2011 have to look out for?

The first and foremost thing to decide is the flavor of the cake. One can always stick to the traditional fruitcakes, but there are so many other new flavors to try out and drool over.

The older generation may still recommend, carrot, fruit or biscuit flavors but the bride can decide on flavors like lemon, orange, almond, vanilla bean, chocolate orange, chocolate hazelnut and the dramatic looking red velvet cake.

The cakes can be made more interesting by filling the cakes with caramel butter cream or white/dark chocolate ganache.

Next on the list is icing. Do away with the fondant. Seriously, one does not need the plastic look of the fondant. It may look uber smooth but can never come close to the butter cream in richness and taste.

One can easily achieve the smooth look of fondant, if the butter cream is applied with a steady and confident hand. It not only adds to the flavor of the cake but also looks beautiful.

Tall towering wedding cakes look beautiful and height is in. The more tiers you have the better, but don’t worry you don’t have to pay through your nose to have a beautiful towering cake. You can always ask your cake maker to put in a couple of fake tiers to give you the height at very little extra cost and the guests won’t know the difference.

If you are planning a small wedding and don’t know what to do with huge cakes opt for two tiered cakes that are placed on a tall cake stands. These look elegant and add height to the cake.  You can also try to offer a mixed spread instead of only a wedding cake. A smaller cake can be accompanied by cupcakes, cookies, tarts, cake pops or any other baked goodies displayed fabulously.

Another thing to remember is that less is more. Instead of going overboard with a heavily decorated wedding cake keep it simple and modern with one or two large flowers as cake decoration. You can opt for real flowers or edible sugar flowers.

Monochrome is the way to go. One of the trendiest combinations being used is a white cake with simple black detailing. Don’t use too much black, as it could put the guests off, but intricate yet delicate and minimalist use of black.

It won’t be too difficult for you to design a wedding cake which fits in with all the trends that are popular this year. A three or four tiered cream, ivory or white cake with black detailing, butter cream and a couple of large flowers will do the trick.



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