The tenth wedding anniversary is always special as it marks a decade of being together and it surely deserves a special celebration. Many couples prefer to have a private celebration and many prefer to celebrate it with a bang through an anniversary party. Whatever way the couples prefer, the day has to be memorable for them. Here are some unique ideas which can make the 10th wedding anniversary an unforgettable one.

ideas for celebrating 10th wedding anniversary

Candlelight Dinner

If you want to spend your tenth anniversary away from everybody then plan out a romantic dinner for both of you by candlelight. You can even cook it for your life partner and make it special. A beautiful gift and a dance to the favourite tune are sure to create the magic. A quality time with each other on the special day is going to strengthen the bond of love.

Revisiting the Places where you Met

Visiting those places where you met for the first time is a unique idea of celebrating one decade of marriage. A walk down the lanes of memory is what can make your day a really special one. Make a plan to visit those places where you have walked hand in hand in the initial days of your meeting.

Renewing of Wedding Vows

You can plan out to renew your wedding vows to each other. This time it may not be the traditional one but your own emotional words. It can be a few words of love for each other.

Sail on a Cruise

The idea of going for a cruise is in itself a romantic one and if it is planned for the 10th anniversary, it is like a dream come true.

Plan a Holiday

This is an ideal occasion to plan a holiday to your dream destination. You can really make it a memorable one by planning out well in advance. Live your dreams together and enjoy the company of each other.

Celebrate with Close Ones

You can just invite your very close family members and friends and have a celebration. Their presence can make the occasion more special. You can make them feel that they are an integral part of the journey which both of you have travelled. Their blessings and good wishes are what you both need to travel the next part of your journey.

Throw a Big Party

Plan a big bash for your 10th Invite everyone you want to for the celebration. Plan out something really big and exciting. The party must have everything: cake, decoration, food, drinks, band and even a DJ.  You can also plan out a slideshow highlighting the various moments of your married life.

A proper planning can definitely make your day a special one. Every anniversary is special but the 10th one is a milestone.


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