Fifty years of marriage does call for a celebration. How two minds become tuned on one aura, how two people start reacting the same way and how easy it becomes to understand those expressions in each others’ eyes is all wrapped in fifty years of marriage.

That is one reason why these celebrations need to be as personal and warm as possible. You might want to cut down on the flash and the flamboyance and concentrate on the smallest details that will remind the couple how timeless their bond is. Here are a few ideas that will help you to plan this celebration.

50th anniversary party ideasParty Ideas

  • Food is one of the most important things in every celebration and since you are celebrating two people, you need to make sure that they enjoy the food more than anyone else. It is possible that the two people will have different tastes and will enjoy different cuisines. Find a way of creating a menu that will include the items in a way that both of them will relish it.
  • You cannot forget wine. Get the best wine that you can. Sparkling is the way to do it right in such occasions. It may be possible that one of them prefers red wine, but when you bring out the Weltevrede 2009 Philip Jonker Brut, the celebration will reach its crescendo.
  • When it comes to selecting a venue, take into consideration the weather. If it is one of the cold and nippy months, settle somewhere indoors. There are several palatial settings that will remind them of the fairy tale love story they have had. On a lovely summer day, you can have a country celebration near a lake with the lilting breeze caressing everyone.
  • As for the décor, you have a lot of options. This being the 50th or golden anniversary, you can have everything in gold. You can also try to use color themes based on the choice of the couple’s likes. But make sure that all of it is subtle and classy.
  • As a special touch, create a slideshow for the couple starting with their courtship days, venturing into their day of marriage, their first child and so one. That will bring back fond memories and also a sparkle in their eyes.
  • Since it is going to be mostly family and friends, you can arrange for some games that are based on the life of the couple. That will be fun.

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