All wedding anniversaries are important, but it is especially important to know about 60th wedding anniversary facts.

If a couple manages to reach this anniversary, this is something that is worth to be celebrated because there are fewer and fewer couples who can achieve this.

60th Wedding Anniversary Facts

Facts about the 60th wedding anniversary

Traditionally the 60th wedding anniversary is also known as the diamond anniversary. You might know that each of the specific anniversaries has a special gift assigned to them. You should know that this is the last wedding anniversary of this kind.


It is interesting to know that some time ago the 75th anniversary was considered to be the diamond anniversary. It became a tradition to celebrate it after 60 years of marriage after Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th year is Queen. This was called the Diamond Jubilee.


When thinking about 60th wedding anniversary facts you might be interested in famous couples who celebrated their diamond anniversary. These include Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II and also the former president of the U. S. Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn, his wife.

Fun facts

In case you are interested in information about the 60th wedding anniversary, it is interesting to know that the 60th anniversary of releasing Scrabble, Hasbro celebrated by releasing the game’s Diamond Anniversary Edition.

Common knowledge

It is a well-known fact regarding the 60th wedding anniversary facts that the symbol of this anniversary is diamonds.  It is said that the fire of the diamond symbolizes the flame of love. It is just natural that the traditional color of this anniversary is diamond white.


The 60th wedding anniversary truth includes that there is no specific flower associated with this wedding anniversary. You may create a bouquet of white flowers, each flower symbolizing a decade that the couple spent together. There is a thornless rose in lavender color with the name of Diamond Anniversary and there is another kind of rose known as Diamond Wishes. You could consider getting roses of this kind.

The 60th wedding anniversary facts include that there should be a celebration of some kind. If you are in charge of the organizing committee, you should make sure that this won’t be a noisy celebration, because most probably the couple is already quite old and they might not be up for it. Instead, you should plan a quiet family dinner.

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