Most people know that the 10th anniversary is one of the most important milestones of a marriage. This is why they may be looking for 10th wedding anniversary celebration ideas. There are some traditional ways to celebrate this milestone, but the truth is that you could do just anything you like.

10th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Traditional gift

The traditional gift for this occasion is aluminum and tin.


This is because tin and aluminum is pliable which represents how a marriage should be; the partners should be able to make compromise and in the same time a marriage can be bent, but it cannot be broken.

Modern gift

If you are looking for more modern wedding anniversary ideas for the 10th anniversary you should know that it is a bit more expensive than aluminum: diamonds. This is also the official gemstone of the occasion. In case you are interested in the traditional color, you should go for blue or silver.

What to do?


When thinking about 10th wedding anniversary celebration ideas, you should know that you might surprise your spouse with daffodils, since this is the traditional flower of the occasion.

If you would like to go out, you should get tickets to the movies, a concert, sports event or theater, anything that you can do as a couple.

Another option regarding the tips for 10th wedding anniversary celebration is to buy some bread, wine and cheese and have a romantic afternoon away from the eyes of the world. If you have your anniversary in the spring, you may plant some daffodils in your garden, to mark this special occasion.


It is common for the partners to buy each other something. As 10th wedding anniversary celebration ideas, you could buy a paper weight made of tin or aluminum, a coupon for a special dinner at a fancy restaurant or a voucher to a spa. Some people also like antique tin toys.

Getting creative

If you are looking for more special 10th wedding anniversary tips for celebration, you should get a pretty tin box and stuff it with confetti, new money, love coupons or pictures of you two. Another good idea is to make a CD with the songs from your wedding.

You just have to get creative with the 10th wedding anniversary celebration ideas to surprise your partner and to make him or her feel special on this day.


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