Many years ago the legendary founder of Chanel, Coco Chanel said that a woman is nothing without her perfume. This is how she promoted one of the most famous perfumes of all the times – Chanel No.5. Every woman has her favorite scents, at least two of them- one for occasional event and one for those special moments in her life.

coco chanelWedding is exactly the most special moment of a woman’s life. This is why many designers are promoting wedding edition scents in order to help the bride to be. The choice of a wedding scent is never easy, because it is a symbol of your love and joy.

Almost every woman uses different perfume for her wedding day. Some of course likes to be with their favorite scents, but the proper scent for the biggest day is an individual choice.

designer perfumesWhatever fragrance you are choosing, don’t forget that the most suitable smell must be fresh and floral such as Jade Blossom by Stila.

The oriental and heavy aromas aren’t for daily weddings. They suit more for evening weddings, but even then a heavy fragrance in your wedding ceremony isn’t very proper.

Designers are now offering the option to choose your own perfume, made from your favorite scents. Just make sure you order it at least 4 weeks before the wedding.



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