wedding veilsWearing wedding veils is a growing glory that completes every bride’s look.

The very first thing you need to consider is selecting the right cut and length.

Customizing your wedding veils with gorgeous edges and decorations is also very important.

There are various styles of wedding veils such as chapel, cathedral, elbow and shoulder length.

The next most and very important thing you need to consider is choosing the right wedding veil in terms of color and fabric. You need to ensure that your veil is made of lightweight fabric.

Tips for choosing the wedding veils:

1. If your wedding dress has very intricate beading, ruffles, or embroidery, it is better to keep your veil simple. Don’t make the two to compete for attention as this can ruin the elegance and sophistication of your dress.

2. If your wedding gown is very classic and simple, then get the wedding veils in such a way that you can wear it for the whole ceremony and reception without taking it.

3. Don’t select the wedding veils, which can hide any of the important features of your dress. For instance, if your dress back consists of any embroidered ribbon or antique pearl buttons, then don’t prefer to wear full length wedding veil.

4. Wearing antique wedding veils is also a great choice as they are coming back into fashion.

5. Try to wear a veil that match with your dress.

6. Also, you need to consider the length of aisle while selecting the wedding veil. For cathedral ceremony, long and dramatic veils work best, where you can really make a properly spectacular entrance.

7. Select the veil in such a way that it can transform the simple dress into a stunning bridal outfit.

8. Don’t prefer the veil that cuts across the detail at the back of your dress.

9. Try to add some color to the veil, for example, embroidery to the wedding veil to connect with your bridesmaid’s or bouquet.

Steps to make wedding veils on your own:

  • First, you need to decide the veil’s style, length, edging, shape and embellishments.
  • Then go for shopping to buy the material for the veil.
  • Plan and cut the material as you like.
  • Then finish the edges.
  • Include some embellishments like pearls, rhinestones, or any other embellishments to make the veil flat.
  • Assemble the veil and stitch on the comb by using a heavy thread.

So, search for a veil until you find the one which best suits your needs, otherwise make it on your own according to your taste.



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