Choosing the dream pair of wedding shoes for your D day of life can be as difficult to select your dream attire especially if you have organized the outdoor wedding.

In selecting your wedding shoes you have to be aware of your venue of the wedding as well the comfortability to stay away from unnecessary pain.

It should reflect fashion, perfect match with the rest of the deck up and many more things. To suit with your personality you can look on the following steps to choose the perfect wedding shoes for an outdoor wedding set up.

wedding shoes for outdoor wedding

1. Avoid High Heels

If you are a lover of skyscraper heels; think twice before opting that shoe for your outdoor wedding ceremony. On this special occasion you have to be mobile throughout the day to attend guests, stand for photographs and if you have systematized music then dancing can be another role which you have to play as well. Therefore wobbling on high heels will not be preferable for you.

2. Practice Walking Beforehand

Ensure to acquire your outdoor wedding shoes before a few weeks to put on them in your house or on the carpet to get molded with your feet and you can walk with ease on the occasion. If you enjoy dancing and planning to dance on your wedding then learn steps wearing your shoes.

3. Keep in mind the Weather

As you have planned for an outdoor wedding, you should not forget about the weather of that place. In scorching heats of summer, flats or wedges will be the best option for you. With minimal buckles, you can opt for the nude sandal to bestow the barefoot feel.

T-strap style complemented with your skin tone might be a good option. But if you choose for height, a sturdy wedge either with nude all-leather or bold black combining with the white number will suit your occasion.

On the other hand, winter or monsoon season will demand “Weddington Boots” to protect your dream pair of shoes from snow and puddles.

4. Bright Colors

For the outdoor wedding ceremony, you can opt for vibrant colors complemented with your wedding gown instead of traditional white shoes as they can get dirty. In the lap of nature be it a beach wedding or in any garden yard, the splash of colors of your shoe will surely look interesting.

5. No Stilettos

Try to circumvent stilettos if you have arranged for an outdoor wedding. You will not be able to be in motion with slender heels in grass, soil, stones, sand or in any other unsteady landscape.

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